Dynasty Gaming


Dynasty Gaming Multi-game Alpha electronic gaming terminal / machine along with it’s Dynasty Gaming Multi-game system.


Dynasty Gaming machine cabinets offers a revolutionary player experience unlike anything you have ever seen. Our cabinets come with these specifications:

  • a double LED touch screen monitor cabinet with speaker base & amplifiers embedded with Windows 10 software technology.
  • 1080p high resolution graphics running on a Unity based game engine.
  • CPU: 16GB RAM dual channel that can run more than 20 games in 1 terminal, capable of high-definition 3D game graphics.





Our world-renowned bingo cabinet machines host a variety of traditional bingo games and new variants. The cabinet surround has an impressive morphing LED display which can also be themed to enhance features or games on this cabinet. With the industry’s exemplary and most commendable bingo software, hardware and content solutions, we can cater to the needs of operators and brands of all sizes.