Dynasty Gaming


 DYNASTY GAMING is renowned for innovating traditional games that we Filipinos love, and we are passionate about it!

Driven to be one of the world’s best-performing online gaming companies in the Philippines, our game philosophy is focused on large-scale, commercial, mass-market use that can support a diverse and innovative development community. All of our games are compatible across a growing number of platforms with functionality that is supported by several top-tier companies in the online gaming community.

The company’s built-from-scratch software allows our patrons to play modern e-bingo games such as Fortune 30, Gold Farm, Sea Riches, Bingo Peryahan, Golden Era & Pirate Babes, integrated with all the well-loved bonus features of e-bingo Filipino aficionados: Fortune Wheel, Wild Ball, and Pick Game.

We have also developed hugely popular Bingo game variations that cater to a wide range of interests like Swertres, Lucky 9, 13 Ball, Roulette and Poker overall creating a universal economy of e-bingo which we believe is the future of games.

We are the 1st Filipino certified gaming company that has developed E-bingo Hardware and Software with a MULTI-GAME platform, attaining accreditation from PAGCOR, certifications for our Electronic Gaming Terminals, and by the Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) being a REMOTE UNIFIED GAMING PLATFORM capable of handling: